Poster Requirements

Aim: To create a poster for a presentation

Objective A: To design and create a poster (layout)

Important aspects (requirements): please follow the below information

  • A3 size = 2 x A4
  • landscape or portrait – please select *remember for digital screens (TV) landscape (longways-vertical) is used
  • colorized – your poster will be in color, but you do not need to print out
  • sections – you decide the content and the sections for displaying the content
  • text (content) form: images; headings or titles: various text-font sizes and colors; bullet points; sentences *to consider (think about) your layout
  • no word limit

Objective B: to consider your section contents for main point 1 and main point 2. For example, think about your section headings

  • Introduction
  • My interests / About Me
  • Background Information
  • About my course
  • My Future
  • Main Point 1
  • Main Point 2
  • My opinions
  • Advantages / Disadvantages
  • Conclusions